Deeper: Interactive Discipleship Seminars

October 17-18 Clarkville, TN. Vineyard Christian Fellowship of Clarksville. (Tentatively scheduled) Church Sponsored event. Please contact the Vineyard for information.

What is "Deeper?"

It's not a conference, where you listen to one speaker after another.

It's not a lecture, where you listen to one speaker go on and on.

It's a workshop, where--together--we explore how to move forward in the process of following Jesus. Deeper deals with four key questions we must settle before we attempt to take on the process of spiritual formation. We face these questions together, in conversation, prayer, and discovery.

Read this testimonial from the pastor of a small-but-passinate country church

There are three sessions: Friday night, Saturday morning, and Saturday afternoon, although if your church needs a customized schedule, we can do that, too.  This video gives you the idea.

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