Deeper Hope:

An Abiding Virtue

This book explores the meaning -- and application -- of Christian Hope. It takes the fuzzy concept of Hope and reveals it in everyday settings



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Deeper Hope This book is about discovering—and sharing—hope. Each “chapter” is short. There's a rhythm: read, and meditate; study, and understand; receive, and invite others into the conversation.

"Meanwhile these three remain: faith, hope, and love." Hope is one of the few things that will outlast this life. Hope is an abiding thing. Apparently we will need hope beyond this world.




















Deeper Grace helps you discover the source of all growth in Jesus, and the foundations of life with Christ. God’s grace is the wellspring of spiritual formation, but we have shortened “Grace” to mean only forgiveness. We need a greater grace. Deeper Grace reminds us again of the wealth of Heaven available to every student of Jesus.

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The Impossible Mentor: Finding Courage to Follow Jesus

Foundations for Discipleship  Can you live up to the example Jesus set? Why would anyone choose a mentor who’s impossible to follow? What if it’s possible to experience real transformation? What if we really can be conformed to his image--in this life? The Impossible Mentor explores why Christians find Jesus a worthy role model but also hold the conviction that no one could possibly live up to his example. Discipleship and spiritual formation books come and go at the pace of diet and exercise manuals, with approximately the same results in the lives of believers. It’s the same cycle: good intentions, fresh starts, followed by frustration, guilt, and eventually resignation. You can break the yo-yo cycle of false starts and the guilt that follows when you stumble. The Impossible Mentor explores the four great challenges to following Jesus, and suggests five practical answers that have helped people of faith through the ages. You can put these answers to work in your life, right now. Author Ray Hollenbach combines slice-of-life vignettes with Biblical resources in a highly readable, conversational style: part pastor, part theologian and fellow-traveller, he explores how to take the yoke of discipleship Jesus offered in a manner that will break the cycle of resolve-and-failure.





Fifty Forgotten Days: A Journey Into The Age To Come

Many people use a Lenten devotional to prepare for Easter, but what about the days beyond Easter? The 50 days between Easter and Pentecost were the foundations of the early church. Jesus was with his disciples for 40 days--what did he do? What did he teach? And what about the 10 days of waiting after he left and before the day of Pentecost. It was the beginning of a new age. Each daily devotional is short--you can read it in 5 minutes or less, but the ideas will stick with you throughout the day. Take a journey into the Age to Come. 









A Month of Thanksgiving

Discover an ancient path to the Father's heart. Thankfulness captures God's attention and invites the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives. Gratitude is more than the stuff of motivational speakers: it's a spirit discipline capable of changing our lives. 

This small devotional book is a 30-day guide to developing a life of contentment and recognition of the goodness of God. Each daily devotion takes just a minute or two, but you will carry the thought with you all day. Each devotion provides a question for self examination, a practical idea for living into a life of thanks, and quotation from one of many spiritual guides throughout the ages. 

Before the stress and pressures of the Christmas season threaten to drive you crazy, find your spiritual center through the daily practice of gratitude and thanks.







25 Days of Christmas:

A Christmas devotional for incredibly busy people. Each day in December, in one minute or less, you can capture a concept that will enrich your journey toward Christmas day. Everyone's busy--and the holidays only add to the list of things to do. Yet Christmas is something more than a celebration of an event from long ago or modern holiday centered around shopping. God is still speaking through the Christmas story: the gospel narratives centered around the birth of Jesus are filled with encouragement and revelation concerning the love of God and his wisdom for us today. This practical book means you can catch a devotional moment on the go. If you can create enough space to read these one-minute devotions, you can carry their thoughts and ideas with you the rest of the day. Why not build a habit of turning your attention toward God's grace day-by-day as you see Christmas coming? Just one minute to light the candle, and you can nurture the flame throughout the day.





The Man With All The Answers

This collection of twelve very-short stories is fast food for the soul. You can read each story in five minutes or less, but the images and message could remain with you all day--or all week. From a Chicago city fireman to an Einstein-esque baby, the people in these stories will amuse and challenge you. Be careful--these characters could haunt you.

Some people will use these stories as entertainment. Others will find them useful as an imaginative devotional. Pastors and small group leaders could use these tales to stimulate discussion and provoke people to reframe their view of spirituality. Parents will use these stories to draw out life-changing conversations with their children. That's the power of storytelling.

The short-short nature of each story means you can return to them again and again, or re-tell them over coffee with a friend. In the re-telling you can add your own twist or change the ending--it's up to you.






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