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DEEPER Seminars:


Not a conference, where you listen to one speaker after another.

Not a lecture, where you listen to one speaker go on and on.

A conversation, facilitated and guided, filled with discovery

 Discover FOUR distinct retreats below this introductory video:

What will help your church or organization go DEEPER?

Here are four different retreats capable of impacting you, your leadership team, and the people of your church:

DEEPER Discipleship: Most people try discipleship programs the same way they try diet programs: one after another and without much success. Discover the three foundations that must be in place before you try any discipleship program.

DEEPER Leaders: How healthy is your team? Psalm 133 reminds us that blessing flows from the head downward, and reaches even to the hem of the garment. Discover the lifegiving practices that cause leaders to grow as a team, and individually.

DEEPER Fruit: Beyond being able to recite the list in Galatians chapter 5, most believers have very little idea how to cultivate this fruit. Help your people discover what the fruit of the Spirit looks like in practical operation--and how to nuture more!

DEEPER Grace: Too often we shorten the meaning of grace, and it becomes a synonym for "forgiveness." But God's grace is empowerment for living. Change your view of grace, discover the riches and treasure, and find new strength to follow Jesus.

Each workshop is an event where--together--we explore how to move forward in the process of following Jesus.

Read this testimonial from the pastor of a small-but-passionate country church.

Watch this endorsement from Pastor Aaron McCarter:

The standard retreat has three sessions: Friday night, Saturday morning, and Saturday afternoon--although if your church needs a customized schedule, we can do that, too.

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