Deeper Hope:

An Abiding Virtue

This book explores the meaning -- and application -- of Christian Hope. It takes the fuzzy concept of Hope and reveals it in everyday settings



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Parable of the Two Suitors

Today's guest post comes from Dusty Snyder, a deep thinker with the heart of a poet. Dusty and his wife, Emily live and work on the campuses of two small liberal arts colleges.

Beheath his calm and reserved exterior you discover and engaging and lively intellect, playful and welcoming. You can follow him on Twitter, or travel to Central Kentucky and follow him for real.


Once there were two suitors. The first saw the woman he desired and purposed in his heart to win her affections, and he began to scheme. He knew one way he could be seen as a worthy suitor by the woman was if he rescued her from danger. So he set himself to observing the woman day and night, always from a distance, watching and waiting for his chance to swoop in and save the day. His efforts at chivalry quickly turned to frustration, because she was never in danger, so he came up with a new plan. Rather than waiting for danger to come to the woman he desired, he schemed to bring danger to her and then he would have his chance to save her.

So one night while she was safe asleep at home with her parents, the suitor came and lit fire to her house. Quickly the flames rose to consume the walls and the family was roused from their slumber. The suitor, seeing his opportunity rushed into the home ready to save his future bride. Successful in his attempt to save the desire of his heart and bring her safely outside, his plans quickly took a turn for the worse as the walls of her family home came crashing down with the rest of her family still trapped inside.

Now, the other suitor's story follows a much different path. When he discovers the woman he desires, he sets in his heart to win her affections with nobility and honor. While she was still far from him, he loved her in his heart and only had kind thoughts for her. He sought her affections with clear intentions and got to know her--and she also knew him. His love for her had no walls; he only desired the best for her, even to the point of being willing to lay down his life for her. His love won her over and she gave him her heart.

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