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Meditation: The Next 39 Days

Easter is gone. Followers of Jesus all over the world have marked the most significant day in human history. But what about Monday? Is the singing and shouting over? Jesus encountered the disciples on Easter Sunday, but what about Monday, or Tuesday, or beyond? The first eleven verses of the book of Acts provide at least five mediations for us in the days ahead.
Meditation #1: The resurrected Jesus remained on the earth for 39 days after Easter Sunday. Many Christians celebrate the victory won at the cross, but apparently Jesus had more to say and do. The gospels are about “all that Jesus began to do and teach” (Acts 1:1), but the rest of Acts reveals that Jesus was still doing and teaching in the decades after the gospels. Is it possible Jesus is still doing and teaching in our day?
Meditation #2: Jesus’ message in the 40 days of resurrection was the Kingdom of God. (Acts1:3) In fact, the Kingdom of God is the “good news” preached by Jesus in the gospels. He had more to say after Easter Sunday. The book of Acts opens with Jesus teaching about the Kingdom, and closes with the Apostle Paul proclaiming the Kingdom of God (Acts 28:31). Have we meditated on the meaning of the Kingdom?
Meditation #3: While the gospel accounts end with Jesus saying, “Go!” in Acts Jesus says “Wait!” In our day many Christians are familiar with the “Great Commission” but are we aware that Jesus also commanded us to wait? What was so important that Jesus said, in effect. “don’t go anywhere, don’t do anything until you receive all that I have for you?” Have we meditated on the role of the Holy Spirit in our lives?
Meditation #4: Jesus told his followers plainly that there were some things that we would not know, especially regarding the times and the seasons of the last days. Yet this topic is of great interest in the church today. Literally millions of books have been sold on this subject. Jesus tells us to focus on the mission, not the culmination of the mission. Have we meditated on the wrong subject?
Meditation #5: The angels who were present at the ascension asked a pretty good question: “why are you looking toward heaven?” It’s a question worth considering. Frequently we are more concerned with heaven than with the Kingdom of God. The breathtaking sacrifice at Calvary purchased the forgiveness of sins and the hope of heaven, but in our generation many followers of Jesus have limited his work and message. One final meditation for the days ahead--if the gospel is only about going to heaven, why did Jesus invite us to take up the yoke of discipleship?

Reader Comments (1)

The Next 39 Days is the most thought stimulateing surmon I have heard in a long time. Our paster Adam touches on some of these points. But when you see them all together it resenates in your spirit even more. When you hear The Truth your spirit knows it, jumps for joy by it, wants to meditate on it over and over.

April 14, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMary Smith

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